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How we decide on investment opportunities?

Capital Growth Rate > 10%

Since capital growth is the element that enables a property investor to achieve long term wealth and security, first and foremost, the property recommended must be in a location that has a consistent track record of at least a 10% annualised capital growth rate.

Residential Vacancy Rate < 20%

The best indicator to determine the ratio between the current level of supply versus the current level of demand is the Residential Vacancy Rate.

Established and Planned Infrastructure

Some of the specific elements that influences demand within an area is the degree to which established infrastructure is readily accessible and, as such, it is important that the existing infrastructure surrounding a property be properly assessed and identified.

Median Property Price ± 20%

We recommend that a property investor invests at a price point that is in the range of ± 20% of median property price for that particular area on any one particular property.

Rental Yield

Our analysis shows that an area that has a high rental yield will, generally speaking,have a low capital growth rate and alternatively an area that has a low rental yield will, generally speaking, have a higher capital growth rate.

Population Growth

Basic laws of supply and demand and an area that is experiencing a positive population growth would result in an ever increasing level of demand for housing. is a website operated by Flatons Advisors and by accessing the website and any pages thereof, you agree to be bound by its terms of service.

Flatons Advisors does not endorse or promote any of the opportunities that appear on this website nor make any recommendations regarding same to any Investor. Prospective investors are not to construe anything on the website as investment, business, legal or tax advice and the content contained herein does not constitute an offer by Flatons Advisors to sell, solicit or make an offer to buy an investment interest. Any information made available from our website or links to websites, does not represent a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any property. It also does not constitute an offer to provide investment advice, service or assistance on particular investment or transaction.

Direct and indirect purchase of real property involves significant risk and investments may lose value and are not insured by any Governmental Agency nor are they guaranteed by Flatons Advisors. It is the responsibility of the recipient to verify the integrity and authenticity of the information made available. Investors must be able to afford to lose their entire investment.

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